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Pain Relief Tips for Back Pain Sufferers

If you’re a back pain sufferer and you’re tired of the aching and soreness, you should know that there are ways to relieve pain. Prescription medication is something that people turn to in order to improve the way that they feel.

Also, OTC medications, exercise and massage are utilized in order to improve back pain conditions. Today, we’re going to talk about some useful strategies for dealing with this sort of discomfort. Our goal is to help you feel better, fast…

First off, prescription medications definitely relieve pain and they are more potent than over the counter remedies. However, most prescription-strength pain relievers trigger side effects. For example, these pain relievers may be addictive. Since they are so strong and relieve pain to such a significant extent, people don’t want to stop taking them. Medications containing codeine are particularly risky in this connection. In the UK, a lot of people buy cocodamol and similar strong medications containing codeine online from sites like this that are licensed pharmacies. So at least they are getting the right stuff from a proper source and with a doctor’s prescription. But there are plenty of other sites out there which are not regulated and pose a real risk to your health.

Side effects will vary from medication to medication. Some painkillers with opiates in their formulations may trigger breathing problems or drowsiness. If you’re planning on taking prescription medication for back pain, it’s good to research the particular medication in question in order to see which side effects are linked with it.

Also, be sure to take the medication as directed, as taking too much or taking it for longer than you are supposed to may be dangerous. These medications have their place. However, they definitely have pitfalls.

Are OTC Remedies a Good Choice?

Another option is over the counter, or OTC, medications. Two popular forms of OTC medications for back pain include ibuprofen and acetaminophen. There are others, but these two appear in the most commonly-utilized back pain medications.

OTC pain relievers will help with discomfort. However, as with prescription medications, they won’t resolve the underlying issues which are triggering back pain. For example, if a slipped disc is causing back discomfort, an operation may be needed. Everyone is different and this is why it’s important to seek out medical care if you’re having back pain issues. Some people need more medical care than others in order to minimize their pain.

So, try OTC remedies if you’re looking for a fast and effective solution. If they don’t provide relief, you may need more help. A doctor will know the best strategies for making you feel better. Some people experience back pain constantly, while others experience it now and then. If your back pain is chronic, it’s best to see a doctor right away.

Additionally, consider getting exercise, keeping your weight at an ideal level and booking massages. All of these options promote better back health.

Billions are spent each year on curing cancer but there still aren’t any answers

One of the most significant and pressing health issues that the world faces on a daily basis, and a disease that touches billions of people each year, it’s absolutely astounding that the governments and private medical researchers all over the world could have been spending billions and billions of dollars on cancer research every year and there still isn’t a cure.

Some point to the fact that cancer is such a unique disease in every specific situation that a “one-size-fits-all” cure isn’t all that likely to happen to begin with, where others believe there some kind of global conspiracy in the medical world that wants people to stay sick so that they move through treatment and continue paying rather than get cured and no longer have to pump money into the system.

Unsurprisingly, there’s probably a little bit of truth to both of those polar opposites, but there is more to this sordid affair than most people are aware.


Here’s a little bit of inside information behind why cancer remains uncured.

There are significant roadblocks in the way

Over the past 10 years, the National Cancer Institute in the United States has had a budget that has averaged about $5 billion – but they still haven’t been able to come up with a reliable cure that kicks cancer to the curb once and for all.

A lot of this has to do with the very nature of the condition itself. Because cancer develops within certain cells in the body and then begins to replicate throughout other areas of your bodily systems, it can be incredibly challenging to combat cancer – especially as it jumps from one cellular type to another.

curing cancer 2

Solutions that work on one type of cancer have proven to be ineffective on others, and that’s one of the most significant roadblocks you’re facing.

Another big roadblock is the fact that just calling a disease cancer is describing it with a bit of an umbrella term here in cancer can refer to more than 100+ different but related conditions, each of them having their own specific mechanisms behind how they work, how they spread, and how they negatively impact the body.

There may never be a true to life one-size-fits-all kind of fix to get rid of cancer in our lifetime, but they are have been major leaps and bounds in the world of management, pain mitigation, and pushing cancer into remission.

Hopefully one day we’ll be able to crack the code and folks won’t have to live with cancer ever again. But that day is not today.

Does Massage Help with Pain Relief?

Massage does help with pain relief and some types of massage may be more helpful than others. If you can afford to get a massage from a licensed practitioner who has lots of experience helping those who suffer from chronic or sporadic pain, you may find that it’s the secret to unlocking pain relief and general well-being.

Massage Relieves Muscle Tension

Go for non-sensual massage at a reputable clinic and select deep tissue massage which is designed to take the tension out of your muscles. In some cases, the deeper pressure applied during deep tissue massage may actually be counter-productive. For example, someone who suffers from tenderness due to fibromyalgia may do better with soft massage which soothes, without being too intense.

massage help 1

Everyone is different. A caring and skilled massage therapist will talk to you about your health, as well as what you’re looking for in terms of benefits from massage. Then, he or she will offer you a treatment plan which you may approve. Some people also enjoy hot stone massage, whereby heated stones are placed at certain points on the body.

If you can’t afford massage, which is admittedly sometimes a bit expensive, consider learning self-massage techniques. There are lots of ways to rub down trouble spots, although some areas, such as the upper back, will be hard for you to massage on your own. There are long tools, such as massage rollers with extended handles, which will give you the power to soothe more areas of the body.

If you have a partner, asking him or her to massage you will be beneficial. There are plenty of tutorials out there which will help you to get the inside scoop on self-massage or massage from a partner who isn’t a trained massage therapist. Also, there are electric massage tools which are great for delivering heat and vibrations which penetrate muscles and relieve tension.

massage help 2


Book a Massage Today

Even if you’re on a budget, you may be able to find an affordable massage therapist in your area. Doing so will help you to experience the advantages of massage-based pain relief firsthand. Also, you’ll find that your massage allows you to chill out and enjoy some well-deserved pampering. Once you’ve tried massage, you may want to make it a regular part of your life. It’s a great way to access pain relief without drugs or surgery. As well, it just feels wonderful.

Does Exercise Truly Help with Pain?

If you’re dealing with pain on a regular basis, you might have days where all you’ll want to do is lie in your bed or sit on the couch. Even though this might be tempting, all it’s going to do is make your condition more difficult to manage both physically and mentally. In the past, bed rest used to be the prescription for various types of pain but with advances in science we’ve learned that bed rest may not be the best option. When you’re suffering from pain, you might want to consider exercising.

Exercise Helps Pain?

If you’re suffering from chronic conditions you might be wondering how exercise could possibly help your body to feel better. You barely have the strength to make it out of bed in the morning, but you’re expected to push your body to the limits to get better? Using exercise as a way to remedy pain is incredibly useful because it increases your pain threshold. Suffering from chronic conditions lowers the amount of pain that you can handle, but by strengthening your muscles and conditioning yourself, you’ll be building a strong foundation to handle more pain on a regular basis.

exersice help 1

Talking to a Doctor

Before you rush to your computer and start researching exercises for pain, it’s important that you first talk to a medical professional. Your doctor might suggest a certain exercise regime for 75% of his patients, but tell the other 25% to avoid the exercises at all costs. Your doctor will be able to refer you to a professional to help design an effective workout plan.

Ask for a Postural Assessment


In most cases you will be referred to a personal trainer or physical therapist that will guide you through a series of exercises that you can either do at home or during your scheduled appointments. Professional trainers should conduct a postural assessment and if they don’t, ask for one. This assessment will give the trainer an idea of how you walk, stand, and sit. This information is essential as it gives them a better insight to workout regimes that will adapt to your daily tasks.


Be Prepared for Stretches

When the average person thinks of exercise, they might think about going out for a run or lifting heavy weights. The majority of people that seek help with exercising for pain will be doing stretches a couple of times every day. Stretching helps to improve the overall amount of mobility that you have and it builds stronger muscles which is necessary for building a higher pain threshold.

Tips for Getting Better Sleep

Sleep is not only the only time of day when you can put your stresses to rest, but it is also the time of day when your body needs to recuperate. Without a sufficient amount of rest you’re putting your immune system and mental health at risk. The average person should be getting between 7 and 8 hours of sleep per day, with the elderly receiving more and middle aged adults receiving less. In the event that you’re waking up in the morning and still don’t feel refreshed; it may be time to get tips for a better night’s rest.

Tip 1: Daily Exercise

Regardless of what type of health condition you’re trying to improve, exercise is the number 1 factor to take into consideration. By spending at least 30 minutes a day doing a cardio or strength training activity, you’ll be giving your body an ample amount of energy by stimulating your hormones. The more energy that you are able to expend throughout the day results in a more restful sleep.

Tip 2: Diet Changes

Even though we all like the idea of indulging in chocolates and sweets on a regular basis, it’s simply not good for your sleep patterns. When you reach the hours before bedtime, make sure that your dinner doesn’t consist of heavy foods that are going to take a while for your body to digest. Not only will it keep you awake, but it can also lead to heartburn and stomach discomfort. You’ll also want to avoid caffeine before bed as it is a stimulant that won’t allow your mind to rest.

better sleep 1

Tip 3: Finding the Right Mattress

Never underestimate the power of your mattress when it comes to a peaceful night’s rest. Making sure that you have a mattress that is the right firmness, temperature controlled, and breathable are all key parts of getting enough sleep at night. If it’s time for you to reevaluate your sleeping arrangement, make sure that you test out several different beds and do research on which ones would be the best for your body type and sleeping patterns.

Tip 4: Avoiding Long Naps

It can be comforting to lie down on the couch in the middle of the afternoon and allow your body to drift off into sleep. Though it will give you energy now, it’s going to take away from your sleep at night. If you have to take a nap, ensure that it is only 20 minutes at most to help recharge your batteries without impacting your sleeping schedule.

How to Have Healthy Kidneys

Kidneys are 2 of the most important organs that you have in your body as they help to filter toxins out of your system, balance fluids, and remove waste from your blood. Without healthy kidneys, you could suffer from an ample amount of water retention and death. As you age, your kidneys go under an insurmountable amount of stress and it’s important that you take the necessary steps to ensure that they remain healthy.

Getting Regular Checkups

The first thing that you should do is visit your doctor and make sure that you get regular checkups to screen against kidney disease. Your doctor will need to take a urine and blood sample to ensure that your body is filtering toxins appropriately. Talk to your doctor to determine when they suggest you should plan to come in for regular testing.

Salt and Alcohol Consumption

Although salty foods can be delicious and alcohol can be a great addition to a meal, they are also quite hazardous for your entire body – particularly the kidneys. To make sure that they stay healthy, limit the consumption of both salt and alcohol by not adding extra salt to meals and avoiding any types of food that have high levels of sodium. It’s less strain that you have to put on your kidneys to filter the salt out of your system.

healthy kidney 1

Losing Weight (If Necessary)

Every organ in your body will begin to work better once you are at your ideal weight. You will want to calculate your BMI and determine what the healthy weight is for your age, height, and build. Begin by eating smaller portions, focusing more on fruits and vegetables, and cutting out processed food from your diet as well. You might also want to consider working out at least 30 minutes per day, whether it’s walking, jogging, or weight lifting.

Consider Family History

Many patients find that the medical conditions they’re suffering from now are as a result of genetics. Talk to your parents and grandparents to see if there is a family history for diabetes, high blood pressure, or circulatory diseases. This will give you the information you need to watch out for signs of failing kidneys and know when it’s time to start preventative measures. It is important that you give all of your findings to your doctor so they can add it to your medical history.

healthy kidney 2